2001 911 Twin Turbo!!

Well sorted, fun, fast, comfortable and fast 996TT.  If you are looking for one and you don’t want to worry or  deal with all the potential pitfalls of a 996TT or 997TT, this could be your car.  Major faults fixed!  Cooling pipes – Pinned!  2nd gear Popping out (look out for this one) – fixed (for real).  And the list goes on.

Interior in excellent shape.  This was a “Launch Edition”  version (Styled by Porsche designers to impress).  Everything works.

Key upgrades:  Sports springs (note US version is raised over ROW), High-flow catalyst ($$), Speedtech “quiet” exhaust (sounds amazing), EPL tune, or I can put it back to stock.  Up to you.   Priced more than 996TT because of $19K of maintenance at Matrix and California Motorsports (overhauled the transmission).    $54,500.   Great car Super fast!  Very fun to drive, but not for teenagers!  Own an early 2000’s supercar!  Contact Peter (503) 318-7204.