2017 awards

At the Annual Award Banquet in January, the ORPCA Board of Directors presented the recipients of the Club’s 2017 annual awards. These members have shown exceptional dedication in giving their time and energy to make ORPCA a more fun and enjoyable for all members.

President’s Award – Autocross team: Eric Freedle, Barry Cogut, Anson Lytle and Sean Vanderheiden
This award is given at the discretion of the President to the member deserving special recognition for service to the Club. This year the President’s award is given to the 2017 Autocross team. The program started with a new leadership group and a refocus to make the program slightly smaller and more Porsche centric. While all this was in the planning stage, the autocross trailer, containing all the supplies needed for the races was stolen, including timing equipment, computers, helmets, and cones; everything that was in the trailer. With a ton of effort by the team, a new trailer and new supplies were acquired and the races went on as scheduled. Sean Vanderheiden was not able to make the banquet.


Gear of the Year – Harold Klein, Photo Editor
Awarded to the individual who is the hardest working, most supportive, and most active in Club activities throughout the year. This year we picked Harold Klein for our Gear of the year. Harold is our photo Editor and he maintains our club Smugmug pictures. Even if he is off taking his nature pictures in the far reaches of the world, he still finds time to post pictures for us. He also takes pictures of events for us. He stood in the rain for 8 hours for the 1st autocross event in 2017 and took some absolutely amazing photos. He goes on the Mid-week casual drives and takes pictures. He stops along the route and snaps shots of everyone coming by! Harold attends tech sessions and has taken some amazing pictures for us at those events. Harold’s energy and passion for great photos is totally appreciated. Harold was not able to make it to the banquet this year.


Enthusiasts of the Year – Larry and Linda Tracewell
This award is given to the members that are most active in Club events throughout the year. This year’s winners are Larry and Linda Tracewell. Larry and Linda joined PCA and the Oregon Porsche Club in August of 2016! The Tracewells are proud owners of three Porsches, a Panamera Executive, a Cayenne, and a Porsche 997 4S. Once they became Oregon PCA members, Larry and Linda quickly became active club members attending monthly socials, tech sessions, arrive and drives, and the Porsche Parade in Spokane, Washington 2017. When the opportunity to serve the club presented itself in Membership, Larry stepped up and accepted the challenge. After a three-month orientation, Larry is now the club’s new Membership Director. That’s some enthusiasm.


Mark Donahue Award – Joe Kelly
This award, named for a very successful race car driver of the 60’ and 70’s, is given to the member who demonstrates outstanding motorsports enthusiasm and achievement throughout the year. This year’s winner is Joe Kelly. Joe is a motorsports enthusiast who loves to drive his cars. Whether it is organizing the mid-week casual drives, which he started in 2016, helping plan drives for other members, leading a bunch of us on a tour to Parade in Spokane, watching the 24 hours of Daytona, writing articles for the Anzeiger or driving across country to a PCA Treffen event, Joe is always there to help.


Family of the Year – The Melahn family: Phil, Andrea, Summer and Hunter
This award recognizes a family who is most active in club activities during the year. This year’s winners are the Melahn family. We first met the Melahns – Phil, Andrea and their 2 children, Summer and Hunter, when they joined us for the Spokane Porsche Parade. They brought their Cayenne and joined our drive to Richland, our dinner there and then our drive to Spokane. They spent the week at Parade enjoying all the events for adults and kids. Summer was successful in the kids events including winning the T-Shirt Design Contest where the design will be used on the T-Shirt for 2018! The Melahns continued be active in other activities but what was most fun was to see Hunter and his dad out at Autocross. Phil also has a Yellow, 1987 911 and he is very competitive in this car! He got 9th place and 8th place in 2 of the 3 autocrosses he did. But the most fun was that Hunter came out with his dad and took pictures of the autocross event for us which we then posted to smugmug. Unfortunately, the family was not able to join our awards banquet.

New Member of the Year – Bruce Jones
This award is given to new members, who upon joining ORPCA, distinguish themselves by demonstrating a “can do” attitude toward ORPCA events, both in participation and assuming a notable level of responsibility towards assuring successful club activities or events. This year’s winner is Bruce Jones. Bruce joined ORPCA in July of 2016 and immediately started attending club events. In 2017 he was asked to take the lead on our Cabin Fever tour to John Day and in October, Bruce took the lead for the Sausage Run arrive and drive. He also volunteers to take pictures of events and write articles when needed. Bruce also participated in the Autocross events this year.


Tourmeister of the Year – Eric Freedle
This award is given to the member who is most active in organizing and leading driving tours throughout the year.
This year’s winner is Eric Freedle. This year Eric not only ran the first arrive and drive of 2017, he helped Bryan Farley plan the arrive and drive that Bryan led. Later in the year, when we had to postpone Steve Bledsoe’s arrive and drive due to the fires in the gorge, Eric helped out by leading the drive the next weekend when Steve had a conflict. Eric also planned (with a lot of help from Cheryl) the Escape to Newport in August with great routes, dinner on Friday night in Newport and a fabulous visit to the Oregon Coast aquarium on Saturday.