Oregon PCA Bylaws 2011


The Bylaws amended last in 2003 did not kept pace with our clubs growth and changes in the way we communicate with the membership. In addition there are several sections dealing with club management and elections that are fairly vague and needed some clarification. The BOD recognized this and in 2011 appointed a team to bring the bylaws up to date.

The team selected to do this were Kathleen Ellis,Don Clinkinbeard, and Chuck Bergeron. As part of the proposal for rewriting the bylaws the team submitted a process for gathering feedback both from the sitting BOD and selected members of the Club. In addition National PCA practices and recommendation from the Region Procedures Manual and Region Focus documents as well as the national bylaws were taken into consideration; the bylaws of regions of similar size were referenced during the update. Rather than just amending a few sections of the document most of the document was rewritten and rearranged to condense portions where practical.

Areas dealt with specifically were the elections process, voter and candidate qualifications. The composition, qualifications and terms of service of the nominating committee and the petition process for a member to be added to the annual ballot. We also addressed financial controls and accountability for the BOD and worked in the areas of communications by the BOD to the membership. The resulting set of bylaws protects the club from potential abuse and provides mechanisms for club members and the BOD to protect the best interests of the club.