Midweek Casual Drives

The Midweek Casual Drives are meant to bring Porsche enthusiasts together as they enjoy their great cars. Some ORPCA members are retired or have freedom in their work schedule to participate in these mid-week drives. The drives themselves are aimed at enjoying the regions paved country roads in a relaxed driving style. Prescott Kelly, a Porsche aficionado, recommends driving our cars at least 50 miles until the oils, lubricants and systems are operating at designed temperatures for a period of time. Our mid-week drives are usually 50 to 100 miles, sometimes more, and terminate at a lunch stop. We go rain or shine.

The drives are designed so that you don’t need a navigator. If your significant other can’t go, no problem, come and join us. Do you need a Porsche sports car? No, your Porsche SUV or sedan is fine. If your Porsche’s are in the shop, come out and hop in a Porsche that has an open seat. If you are a potential ORPCA new member and want to start checking us out. Join in!!

These casual drives started in 2015 with two cars, David Lee and Joe Kelly. In 2016 the casual drives expanded to six monthly events, scheduled at the tourmeister’s convenience. These are published at least two weeks in advance.

In 2019 we are planning seven drives, one a month, April through October. Several drives are planned for starts in Hillsboro, several out of Troutdale, and several South of Portland. Each drive will be scheduled for a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday based on the preference and availability of the tour leader.
If you have the time and want to enjoy exercising your car with like-minded enthusiasts, join us.

Here are the dates and links for the first 4 drives in 2019:
Tuesday, April 23
Tuesday, May 14
Wednesday, June 5
Tuesday, July 23