Cascade Sports Car Club to Provide Driver Training and High Performance Driver’s Education For Oregon PCA in 2018


Cascade Sports Car Club will provide Drivers Training and the High Performance Driver’s Education (HPDE) for Oregon PCA in 2018. We think you will find it accessible, with a number of choices for training this year.

Attention Convertible Owners: Before registering – please check the rules for convertibles: Roll Bar FAQ

Here is how to sign up:

  • Create or log into your account at
  • Register for any CSCC HPDE or Driver’s Training Event
  • Enter the gift certificate discount code – 2018ORPCAMEMBER – on the Preview Order screen – This discount is good for $10 off the events
  • Click “Update” to apply
  • Present proof of club membership at registration/sign-in on the day of the event – you can use your National PCA membership card for this or your ORPCA Name Tag

Please check out the main web page: Cascade Sports Car Club for more information the club and all the events they have. For specific information on Track Day/Driver Training and their schedule go to: Track Day/Driver Training.

Here is how Cascade Sports Car Club explains their program:
“These track days give you the opportunity to drive on a real racetrack. Whether your car is a daily driver or a fully prepared race car and you’re a first time novice student wanting to become a better driver, or a seasoned race driver looking for some seat time to shake down your car before a race, we’ve got you covered. The program begins with a 3 hour “ground school” where you’ll have professional instruction in the dynamics of cars and car control. You’ll learn about contact patch, weight transfer, and all of the physics of a car in motion that keep you in control. If that’s not enough, it’s fun! The next day we’ll meet at the racetrack to put that knowledge to use with our expert staff of in-car instructors. You’ll learn at your own pace and gradually work your way up to more challenging speeds.
Are you interested in taking your driving to the next level and getting your racing license? You’ve come to the right place. We’re a fully sanctioned ICSCC driving school. When you’ve completed our program you’ll be cleared to enter in a novice race category. After you’ve done your mandatory novice races you’ll be fully licensed and on the road to glory!”

HPDE is an opportunity to enjoy your car in the safe, controlled environment of a race track. Everyone is driving in the same direction. Everyone has a single purpose and is focused on their driving. There are corner workers that control the track and maintain a safe environment for everyone. Drivers are divided up by skill level and into separate run groups: Novice, Advanced School, and HPDE.