Hooked on Driving to Provide High Performance Driver’s Education for 2017


Hooked on Driving will provide the High Performance Driver’s Education (HPDE) for 2017.  We think you will find it very accessible, with many more choices to enjoy your car on the track. Hooked on Driving provides 12 days of track time in the Northwest at the following tracks: Portland International Raceway, Oregon Raceway Park and The Ridge.  Hooked on Driving offers novice HPDE driver instruction with experienced and dedicated instructors. Safety is their number one priority.

Please check out the main web page for Hooked on Driving for more information on HPDE and the Hooked on Driving – Pacifc Northwest Schedule. Also use this page to get all information on the important documents needed do do these events: Hooked on Driving – Important documents needed

Check out the summary and video below:
HPDE is an opportunity to enjoy your car in the safe, controlled environment of a race track.  You will improve your car skills in areas such as looking further ahead, awareness, car control in a skid, proper line on the track, threshold braking, to name a few. You will drive your car at a higher level all the while grinning from ear to ear.  You will find it challenging, fun and rewarding.

A race track is the safest place to drive a car.  Everyone is driving in the same direction.  Everyone has a single purpose and is focused on their driving.  There are corner workers that control the track and maintain a safe environment for everyone.   Drivers are divided up by skill level and into separate run groups:  Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Instructor.  Novice drivers will not be placed in the same run group as advanced drivers for both safety and enjoyment for all.