Porsche Traction in the Winter

Posted by: on January 20, 2019

Are you daily driving your Porsche sportscar with summer tires in these winter months? Wanting to take it up to the mountain for winter activities, but hesitant to do so because it’s rear-wheel drive (RWD) vs all-wheel drive (AWD)? Or are you driving your AWD Cayenne or Macan up to the mountain with summer tires, confident that AWD will get you through whatever Mother Nature throws your way? Here’s a fantastic video about why winter tires are extremely important in the winter months, on RWD (or FWD) or even AWD vehicles! I think you may be a bit surprised as to what your vehicle is capable of with the proper tires: Youtube video

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Jeremy Williams is the Oregon PCA Technical editor. He co-owns Matrix Integrated Inc. (Matrix Integrated Inc.) with his brother Justin. Jeremy can be reached at techeditor@oregonpca.org

2 Responses to Porsche Traction in the Winter

  1. Peg Ryan says:

    Great video Jeremy – thanks for finding that for us. I do have 1 question – I have heard that All Season tires are really “No-season” tires. What do you think?

    • Jeremy Williams says:

      You’re welcome.
      All Season(A/S) being “no season;” I suppose one could argue that, however, while A/S’s aren’t “the ultimate” for summer time use on many Porsche sportscars like a set of true summer tires would be, A/S’s do offer fantastic handling and wet weather grip for most people, while also offering a higher treadwear rating so the tires last a lot longer than gummier summer tires. On my Cayenne Turbo, I run Continental ExtremeContact DWS (ultra high performance A/S’s) whenever I’m not running my “offroad/winter” tires; love these Conti A/S’s! To recap, tires have come so far in technology that I truly think A/S’s being thought of as “no season” tires is a old news at this point. My $0.02.

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