• Solid knowledge of photography and a collection of equipment to photograph a wide range of events that need to be documented. A DSLR camera with a couple lenses is best.
  • Ability to attend many of the ORPCA events over the course of the year. These events include Autocross, Arrive and Drives, Midweek Casual Drives, Tech Sessions, Monthly Social Dinners, and other ORPCA events.
  • Processing knowledge and computer equipment to handle images submitted by Communications Director from various events. These skills should include being able to collect (from Dropbox), manage, store, process and upload the final images to the Club SmugMug site in a timely fashion.
  • Access to a solid uninterrupted wifi connection


  • Collect, process and post images from each event usually within 24 -48 hours. in 2018 Harold posted about 3,500 pictures to Smugmug.
  • Process and post images from member’s pictures submitted by Communications Director. Includes cropping, straightening and providing white balance adjustments at a minimum.
  • Post images to the club SmugMug photo hosting site. Manage and organize the site including the various settings of the site, banner images, etc.
  • Assist, when requested, the Anzieger editor and/or Communications Director selection of images for Anzeiger or annual calendar publication

If you are interested in applying for this position, please email Peg Ryan at