2018 Awards

At the Annual Award Banquet in January, 2019, the ORPCA Board of Directors presented the recipients of the Club’s 2018 annual awards. These members have shown exceptional dedication in giving their time and energy to make ORPCA a more fun and enjoyable for all members.

President’s Award – E.C. Mueller
This award is given at the discretion of the President to the member deserving special recognition for service to the Club. This year the President’s award is given to E.C. Mueller.
In 2015 E.C. had recently retired from Intel and sat on the ORPCA Board of Directors when a job opportunity came up to become manager of Portland International Raceway (PIR). Unfortunately for ORPCA the City required that he step down from the Club Board. He has maintained his Club membership. Fortunately for those of us who enjoy racing and car related events it was a win. This last year alone saw the Pirelli World Challenge series come to Portland, we had the first all-German car event, the Germanpalooza, and to top it off the Indy Racing series came back to PIR. This coming year a new series is coming in April that will be all Porsches. This award is our way of recognizing you for all the work you have done to bring class events to PIR.

Gear of the Year – Eric Freedle, Past President
This is awarded to the individual who is the hardest working, most supportive, and most active in Club activities throughout the year. This year we picked Eric Freedle for our Gear of the year.
Eric is incredibly hard working and supportive. He leads the autocross team and is responsible for 11 events as part of that work. He is also involved in the Spring Clean and has been the tourmeister for the first arrive and drive for a few years. Eric has spent hours organizing the fall overnight tour for the last 3 years and he also sits on the Nominating Committee. We also see him and Cheryl at most of our socials.

Enthusiasts of the Year – Joe & Ginny McQueen

This award is given to the members that are most active in Club events throughout the year. This year’s winners are Joe and Ginny McQueen.
Joe and Ginny have been very active members of ORPCA for a long time. This last year was no exception. Over the past year Joe and Ginny wrote for the Anzeiger, worked on Arrive and Drives, worked on the Northwest Passage Committee and attended most of our social events. Individually Ginny organized our night at the Winterhawks game, Joe is on the Nominating Committee, the Scholarship Committee and while he didn’t have to attend the monthly Board meetings as Past President any longer, he made it to most of them to support the Board.

Mark Donahue Award – Kathleen and Bob Ellis
This award, named for a very successful racecar driver of the 60’ and 70’s, is given to the member who demonstrates outstanding motorsports enthusiasm and achievement throughout the year. This year’s winners are Kathleen and Bob Ellis.
Bob and Kathleen are another couple who have been active in the Club for many years. This last year was no exception. Along with organizing a one-day tour which included lunch at Timberline Lodge, and attending social events, Kathleen (ORPCA President 2009 and 2010) sits on the Nominating Committee and the Bylaws Committee. Outside of ORPCA Bob and Kathleen are big rally enthusiasts. Kathleen and Bob were not able to attend the banquet.

Family of the Year – Larry and Linda Tracewell
This award recognizes a family who is most active in club activities during the year. This year’s winners are Larry and Linda Tracewell.
Larry and Linda have been Oregon Porsche Club members since July 2016. Both have been very active in a multitude of club events such as Arrive and Drives, hosting dinners and more recently, Larry’s acceptance of the role of Membership Chair. Larry and Linda are very outgoing and gregarious and are just fun to be around. They are a great example of active Porsche Club of America members and their enthusiasm is infectious.

New Member of the Year – Heinz Holzapfel
This award is given to new members, who upon joining ORPCA, distinguish themselves by demonstrating a “can do” attitude toward ORPCA events, both in participation and assuming a notable level of responsibility towards assuring successful club activities or events. This year’s winner is Heinz Holzapfel.
Heinz and his wife Sylvia joined the Porsche club in March of 2018 and immediately started participating in events and drives. Earlier this year he approached the Board with the idea of doing after event surveys and investigating apps to help with navigating on tours. We did a test run on both ideas last year and will be using them in 2019. Heinz is now working with Peg Ryan on our web site and how we can make improvements.

Tourmeister of the Year – Gary Feldmann
This award is given to the member who is most active in organizing and leading driving tours throughout the year. This year’s winner is Gary Feldmann.
Gary took over the job of Tour Chair a couple of years ago at a time when our attendance at driving events was rapidly increasing. As Tourmeister Chair, Gary was responsible to make sure the tour leaders for each event had the information they needed to put on a successful drive. That is no small task when you consider that we did 5 Saturday Arrive and Drives, 7 mid-week drives, the August picnic, the Cabin Fever 2-day drive, the fall 2-day drive, NW Passage 3-day drive, and the Hoodland tour.