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Welcome Porsche Enthusiasts!

Do you own a Porsche?
Do you live in Northwest Oregon or Southwest Washington?
Yes? You are invited to join the Porsche Club of America and Oregon Regions Club!

Porsche Club of America (PCA) Membership

Porsche owners (you must own, co-own, or lease a Porsche to join) who are 18 years of age or older are invited to become members of the Porsche Club of America. At the time of joining, the member of record is permitted to name either a member of his or her family to become a FAMILY MEMBER or other interested person to become an AFFILIATE MEMBER, at no additional cost. The family or affiliate member must also be 18 year of age or older.

Annual national membership dues are $46 payable in US funds by check, money order, VISA or MasterCard which includes our monthly PORSCHE PANORAMA, the world’s premiere publication dedicated to Porsche. A portion of annual dues is returned to your assigned local region for the support of its activities.

Benefits of PCA Membership

  • Largest independent single marque club in the world! (Over 100,000 members.)
  • Local Regions with local newsletters and events.
  • Vast technical publications – Up-Fixin der Porsche (Vols 1-10 – reprints of all technical articles ever appearing in Panorama, organized by year of original publication, fully indexed).
  • Tech Committee available to answer your questions. Specialists for all models plus exteriors/interiors and historic race cars.
  • Valuation committee to help you establish the value of your Porsche for insurance purposes.
  • Access to specialized insurance for Porsches that are second autos/pleasure only/limited use. Translates to money saved on premiums (Leland-West Insurance – must be a PCA member.)
  • PCA Club Racing Program – nationwide modeled on vintage racing rules.
  • Annual national convention (Porsche Parade) gathers in different location each year. Over 600 Porsches and 1500 folks gather for a week of nothing but “Porscheing.”

Porsche Club of America (PCA) Test Drive Membership

Don’t own a Porsche yet? PCA Test Drive might be for you!

Although membership in PCA requires ownership/lease of a Porsche or that you be in a Porsche-related business, we do offer something for those of you actively trying to become Porsche owners.

The PCA Test Drive program provides you a six-month subscription to Porsche Panorama, the club’s national monthly magazine, a temporary account to log on to our website, and the monthly Test Drive News email newsletter. The magazine provides you with news and feature stories covering all aspects of Porsche as well as technical articles that impart valuable information about the cars we drive. Crucially, the temporary website account gives you online access to hundreds of Porsches for sale by PCA members in The Mart, which is also featured in every issue of Panorama.

Oregon Region of Porsche Club of America (ORPCA) Membership

The Oregon Region membership dues are $20.00 per year payable in the same month as your PCA renewal month.  To join ORPCA you must be an active PCA member. New Members will receive an ORPCA New Member Kit.

Benefits of ORPCA Membership

  • Receive the award winning online monthly Anzeiger magazine
  • Get our weekly email blast with information about upcoming events
  • Access to our online Tour Library with great drives throughout the Pacific Northwest
  • Receive a yearly ORPCA Member Directory along with our annual Calendar
  • Receive an ORPCA Name Badge
  • Receive anniversary pins every 5 years

Inquiries: ORPCA Membership

Level Price  
ORPCA Member $20.00 per Year. . Select
ORPCA Co-Member Free. . This membership level is for ORPCA co-members Select
ORPCA Board Member $20.00 per Year. . Select
ORPCA Associate Member $20.00 per Year. . Select
ORPCA Affiliate Member Free. . This membership level is for family members or friends or partners of regular ORPCA members Select
Test Drive Member Free
Membership expires after 90 Days.
ORPCA Junior Free. . For PCA Junior Members Select

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Two Great  Magazines!

Porsche Panorama, PCA’s award-winning monthly magazine, covers everything Porsche, including road tests, new model news, classic Porsche salons, historical and restoration articles, free classified ads and extensive technical information to help you learn about, maintain and enjoy your Porsche as well as informing you of regional events from around the US and Canada.

The Oregon Region PCA’s Anzeiger Magazine is available online in digital format for all Oregon PCA members.  Magazine access to the 2 most recent newsletters is through the members area on our website. There is an archive of older Anzeigers in the Club section.

PCA Juniors

PCA Juniors is a program for Porsche enthusiasts under age 18. Participants must be registered by an active PCA member.

What is the PCA Juniors program? It’s not just the cars… and now it’s not just the grown-ups! With our new PCA Juniors program, PCA is about the kids too! The PCA Juniors program has been created so kids can enjoy PCA events, learn about Porsches and build the enthusiasm that runs through all of the Porsche Club of America.

Who is eligible? Any child under age 18 who is registered by a current PCA member can participate in the program. (Note: This is not a PCA Membership.)

What will the child receive? PCA Juniors will receive a welcome package that includes an age-appropriate gift and PCA Juniors ID badge. We look forward to developing the program and its features over time.

What does it cost to register? It’s FREE! Participants must be registered by an active PCA member, and there is no cost to join!


Dual Membership

Members may join 2 regions as long as they have a PCA membership for each region. This is referred to as Dual Membership.
PCA members may become ORPCA members upon approval of their application to the Club, payment of $20.00 per year, and compliance with the PCA procedures for dual membership. 

To become a Dual member, call PCA at (410) 381-0911. Once you have this set up with PCA, contact the Oregon membership director at: ORPCA Membership

Associate Membership

An Associate Member is a member who ceases to own, lease or co-own a Porsche while in good standing with PCA, or any person, employed by a Porsche-oriented business. A person of the associate member’s family who has been a Family-Active member may continue as a Family-Associate member. 
The only way to become an Associate Member in PCA is to call them to set this up. Call: (410) 381-0911.  Once this is set up, an associate member may join the Oregon PCA.  Contact the Oregon membership director at ORPCA Membership to set this up.