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Jun 16

2021 NW Passage

June 16, 2021 - June 20, 2021

Recent Tour Events

Midweek Drive 10-21-20
Arrive and Drive 10-10-20
SUV Drive 10-3-20
Midweek Drive 9-23-20
Mt. Hood 8-8-20
Maryhills Loop 7-18-20
Marys Peak 7-11-20
Test Arrive and Drive 6-30-20
SUV & Schnitzels 10-26-19
Arrive & Drive 10-12-19
Midweek Drive 10-10-19
Midweek Drive 9-24-19
Arrive and Drive 9-14-19
Maryhill Loops Tour 9-7-19
SUV Tour Windy Ridge 8-24-19
GermanPalooza 8-3-19
Midweek Drive 7-23-19
SUV Group Hike and Lunch 7-13-19
Arrive and Drive 7-6-19
Zone 6 Grand Tour June 2019
NW Passage June 2019
Arrive and Drive 6-8-19
Midweek Drive 6-5-19
Midweek Drive 5-14-19

What to Expect

Please note: There are new requirements for tours with the Covid-19 pandemic.  Please see the requirements for each individual event. 

Tours are group driving events on public roads in a social, non-competitive environment. Tours include Arrive and Drives, Midweek Casual Drives, Multi-day Tours, and SUV Group Tours. For information on these events and the specific events planned for each type, please select the individual links from the menu. There are also Tours organized by PCA including Treffens and Porsche Parade, the yearly PCA convention.

Tour drive groups range from 10 to 50+ cars and participants usually have a navigator with them, thus allowing the driver to drive!

Since Tours take place on public roads, the prevailing traffic laws must be obeyed. That still leaves plenty of room for fun driving on the spectacular twisty roads you’ll find on nearly every Tour. And even at normal speeds, it’s quite a rush to be in the middle of a pack of gleaming Porsches snaking their way through forests, along waterways and over scenic mountain passes.

The social aspect of Tours is seen in the various activities that accompany the driving. The casual atmosphere lends itself to relaxed conversations with your fellow club members, often in a setting involving food. A Tour isn’t considered complete unless it involves at least one and sometimes several opportunities for snacking, breakfasting, brunching, lunching, picnicking, or fine dining with wine tasting.

Our great state offers an incredible variety of driving and sightseeing experiences. Our local Tours cover the beaches of the west, the forests of the Coastal Range, the farmlands of the Willamette Valley, the towering Cascades, and the wine country and high plains of eastern Oregon. Our multi-day tours can extend to our neighboring states Washington, Idaho and California. 

Tour planners put together spectacular routes covering sweeping highways, scenic byways, and the curviest secondary and forest service roads you can imagine. No matter how many miles you’ve logged in this state you’re sure to be amazed and thrilled by a Tour route.

Watch the events calendar and sign up early!

Questions about Tours?