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There are no upcoming events at this time.


2019 Zone 6 Grand Tour

The Zone 6 Grand Tour is back after 4 years!  Tour all or parts of our PCA zone.  This is planned for June 22 – June 30.  For all the details check out the calendar event.

Porsche Parade

Porsche Parade is PCA’s annual convention. These are held in a different location every year. The 2019 Parade is in Boca Raton, Florida from July 21 – July 28. Check out the details in the event information in the calendar to the left.

Treffen North America

Treffen North America is PCA’s newest National event.  The first event, Treffen Lake Tahoe, was a great event, held in Olympic Valley, California in September, 2016.  These happen 2 times per year in the spring and in the Fall.

Treffen 2019 locations have been picked:
April 3 – 6 in Santa Barbara, California. Complete.
September 4 -7 in Woodstock, Vermont. Here is a link to the flyer for this event:Treffen Woodstock, Vermont