Peg Ryan, President & Communications Director

This year is my first year as your President. As I was preparing this bio, I tried to look back and figure out where my passion for sports cars started. I finally realized that it began when I spent a high school summer as a nanny for a family who had a 1967 Mercury Cougar. It was dark maroon with black leather seats. I was allowed to drive it home when I finished work. I was on Cloud Nine driving that car!

My first Porsche was a bronze colored 1986 944. After that car I did not get another Porsche until 2014 when I got my first Boxster. My debate when we bought it was: stick-shift or PDK. There were two cars at the Bend dealership that were exactly the same except for that. E.C. Mueller, the retired GM of Portland International Raceway, had told me about the PDK and how wonderful it was, so I went with the PDK and never regretted it. It was a S model that was black with a tan interior. That car was so much fun.

My goal for 2022 is divide up the Communications Director position into smaller pieces. I am also looking forward to some drives this year, doing Autocross and the Crater Lake Tour that my husband and I are organizing. Hopefully we can get many socials into this year as well. 

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