Randy Homes, Treasurer

Even though I test drove my first Porsche in 1986, the financial priorities of life kept creeping in and I did not finally buy my first one until 2015, a white 2011 911S Cabriolet. Then it took me a year to work up the courage to attend an Arrive and Drive, but I’ve been hooked on the club ever since. My wife Diane and I have done two beach getaways and are eagerly looking forward to our third Northwest Passage this June. We were the Tourmeisters for the 2019 Cabin Fever Tour to eastern Washington and hope to be leading it again this year.

Although I’m a fourth generation Oregonian, I spent most of my career in southern California where I was a CPA and then the financial owner/partner of a couple of water purification related businesses. After that Diane and I came back to Portland where I enjoy working for one of the best engineering firms in the country. Although Diane has other plans for me, I could work forever. Long ago I ran trail ultramarathons but am limited now to just riding my bicycles. I am honored to be serving as ORPCA’s Treasurer. While there are many ways to serve the Club, the role of Treasurer matches well with my experience and accountant-ish proclivity to introversion.

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