Start in the Parking Lot of Shari Cafe on Whitaker Road. From there go on I5, cross the Columbia River, Take exit 9 towards Battle Ground and stop at Yale Park. From there follow the road along Yale Lake and Swift Reservoir to the McClellan Overlook. After a short stop continue down to the Columbia River, turn onto Hwy 14 towards Stevenson and take the exit up to Skamania Lodgee.

Original Date:

September 2018


Last Update:


Starting Point:

Shari’s Cafe and Pies, North Whitaker Road, Portland, OR


Skamania Lodge, Southwest Skamania Lodge Way, Stevenson, WA

Tour Distance:

45.2 + 27.6 + 34.4 miles ( 107.2 miles)

Driving Time:

~3 hours

Scenic App: 

This tour is not yet in the Club’s Scenic Library. 


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