SUV Drives


Do you have a Porsche SUV? Or another SUV? All are welcome on our SUV Tours.

SUV Tours are offered between February and November. They are typically on the last Saturday of the month. Each drive is between 80 and 120 miles. There’s a rest stop after an hour of driving and at the end of the drive we have lunch at a restaurant or picnic at a nice outdoors location.  The driving pace is leisurely, after all we are driving SUVs, even though some handle as well as lower end 911’s.

This is  a great way to kick off the weekend and a fun way for new members to get acquainted with ORPCA.

We go rain or shine!

Some routes require higher ground clearance on some parts, and some stretches might be on gravel. The tour description will describe the kind of drive, paved, well maintained gravel, less maintained gravel. These drives are not off-road drives. All roads in a SUV Tour are public and named roads.

Registration for SUV drives is required. Registration will close when drive is full or 5 days prior to the event.  The route and start location are not announced except to those who are signed up. You will get an email a day or 2 prior to the drive.  It will have the start location and driving directions for you to print and bring to the start of the drive.

You are responsible for any costs to park during the drive, access fees to state park and for your lunch or picnic.

Questions:  Please contact Tour Chair

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