Start in the Parking Lot of the End of the Oregon Trail and wind your way on back-roads to Eagle Creek and after many turns to a stop at the Hardy Creek Trail head. After the rest stop find your way back along the Mollala River and then turn towards Mount Angel. After twist and turn you finally arrive at the Glockenspiel Restaurant for some German Beer and Food!

Tour Document:

Original Date:

October 2018


Last Update:


Starting Point:

End of the Oregon Trail Parking Lot, Oregon City


Glockenspiel Restaurant, Mount Angel

Tour Distance:

56.4 + 24.5 miles (90.9 miles)

Driving Time:

3 hours

Scenic App: 

This tour is in the Clubs Scenic Library. There are 2 parts named: 
2018 Sausage Run – Part 1
2018 Sausage Run-Part 2


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2018 Sausage Run – Part 1 / 2