Heinz Holzapfel, Webmaster and SUV Tours

In 2017 I finally was able to fulfill a long childhood dream: my wife Sylvia and I bought our first Porsche, a 2011 911 C4S triple black Cabriolet. A year later we joined PCA and ORPCA. Then in fall 2019, we replaced Sylvia’s aging BMW 5-Series Sports Wagon with a 2018 Macan S, and we still maintain our 1999 Miata, our first little sports car.

We both have a history in High Tech, Sylvia as a Marketing Executive, myself as a Software Development Executive. We moved from Silicon Valley to Portland in 2009. After joining the club in March 2018, our first encounter with the club was the 2018 Cabin Fever Tour and we got hooked. We joined a number of drive events throughout the year. I also went to several Autocross events to get a better feeling of the 911’s capabilities.

In late 2018, Peg Ryan and I started brainstorming about improvements to the club’s aged website, and after board approval we started the work on the new website in January 2019, leading to the launch in June 2019. The site since then has grown in capabilities like processing the waivers for events and handling bigger events like the NW Passage, and managing memberships and fee collection for events and memberships.

Another project I am working on is to offer turn-by-turn navigation capability for our drives through a smart phone app. After testing several apps, we settled on Scenic, an iPhone app originally developed for motorcycles. The app has found a nice follow-ship, but it is not meant to replace the classic written driving directions.  However, if you drive alone or with a navigator who’s prone to get car sick, it’s a big help. Go to the Tour Library to learn more about the app!  

For 2020 I took on the coordination and planning of the SUV group events, as our long-term leader and founder Jeremy Williams moved to Bend and has limited bandwidth. We are planning to offer monthly SUV driving events in 2021.

I am honored to be serving as ORPCA’s webmaster (that gives me a chance for a little hands-on coding again) and to support the club in other projects and assignments as Director at Large.

If you want to contact me please click the mail icon!