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The PCA Bylaws require each region to review its Bylaws regularly. We asked a board-appointed committee in early 2023 to work on the initial round of reviews and propose changes to our current Bylaws. After this first phase, the board spent the last five months fine-tuning the updates. Yes, it’s a tedious process but a necessary one to keep our Bylaws in sync with PCA Bylaws and make changes to improve club operations. Our Bylaws require membership approval before any updated Bylaws can go into effect.

Below is a summary of the changes we made to the current Bylaws.

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Summary of Bylaws Changes

The Bylaws committee consisted of Heinz Holzapfel, Peg Ryan, and Carole Hedstrom.  The committee compared existing bylaws to those of other Porsche Clubs, consulted with legal counsel, and fine-tuned awkward wording with the aim of simplifying language wherever possible.

A summary of changes include:
• Simplified style structure for ease of use
• General clean-up for consistency in references and typos
• Added in the Purpose section, added list of general guidelines and membership ethos, in keeping with PCA membership guidelines
• Removed the icon of the Club Badge. The strategy is that any change to the Badge will also require a change to the Bylaws.
• Changed Board Member At Large to Director At Large throughout the document
• Removed references to dated communication methods, i.e. fax
• Added a Table of Contents and live links

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