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Jeremy Williams - ORPCA

Our shop had built and maintained a 2006 Carrera 2S for a client many years ago. It always was a favorite of ours; bright Speed Yellow, factory aero body kit, tasteful modifications, kept impeccably clean. He started a growing family and thus needed a sports sedan, so we ended up purchasing it from him for use as a “shop Porsche.” We frequently use this magnificent car at ORPCA driving events. The co-pilot looking out of the passenger window is my dog Boo, our Canine Greeter Extraordinaire ([email protected]). He loves ORPCA arrive & drives, and has learned to lean into the corners before I even turn the steering wheel!

Since then I have driven lots of Porsches, but still not enough 😊

My current ride is a 2012 Cayenne Turbo, modified for both on-pavement and off-pavement. While I do have favorite roads, I actually prefer taking my Cayenne where there aren’t many discernable roads. My favorite Porsche Story: Growing up as teen in the late ‘80s and early 90’s, I had posters on my walls of slantnose Porsche’s and whaletail Porsche’s – dream cars. I distinctly remember “the” Porsche which set the stage for me; I was 14 and my younger brother Justin and I were talking a walk in our neighborhood with our dad. We happened upon a Guards Red 80’s slantnose 911 Cabriolet. It was gleaming in the sun, and our dad’s favorite car color was any shade of bright red, so it definitely left an impression on all of us. We ran home to get his Nikon film camera (remember those?) and took a picture of it. I still have the picture. Our dad later purchased a new Guards Red Boxster S, most likely with the 80’s slantnose in the back of his mind due to the Boxster’s side grilles. I joined PCA in April 2010 and ORPCA in March 2012. I have moved to Bend recently and joined the high Desert Region as well. I still contribute as the Technical Editor for the ORPCA and contribute to the Tech Blog. 

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