Les Schreiber, ORPCA Member

My Porsche Story begins in 1972 when I purchased a 914-2.0. In 1976 I bought a 912E. My third Porsche was a 2002 Carrera with the X51 Kit and a six-speed manual. My current Porsche is a 2012 Carrera S with a seven-speed box.
I moved to Vancouver after many years in the Loma Prieta Region out of San Jose. I was the Membership Chair for two years, President for two years and co-president for two years. I spent five years as the Zone 7 Concours Chairperson. I have been a member of the Oregon Region since 2017.
I love attending Porsche events. Some of the Parades I have attended are: Portland 2006 (Took 1st place Touring Class at Parade Concours), San Diego, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, and Monterey Bay, CA. Also, I have attended WERKS Reunion Monterey in 2014 and 2015 and in 2016 I was a PCA judge.
I did an Autobahn Adventures Tour in Germany and Austria in 2006.
I am 86 years old and I still love driving my Porsche. I am a US Navy Veteran. I was active for 22 years including the Korea and Vietnam wars. I also spent 25 years at Lockheed Missile & Space Co.
Every year since 2005 in have participated in Autocross events. I have my Daughter participate when she can (She loves to drive my Porsche and drove at PIR at the Portland Parade). I love Autocross because they are a lot of fun, regardless of how I end up. I’m not into it to win anything, but to just enjoy driving my 2012 Carrera S. Sometimes there are just too many cones, and I lose track of the course. As most participants will acknowledge, there are times when you just get lost, but it’s still a lot of fun, and nobody gets hurt.
I do like to go on the club tours, since I am new to the area, to see what Oregon and Washington have to offer. I was disappointed that the Crater Lake tour this year was cancelled; I was looking forward to that.

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