Maynard Chambers, ORPCA Member

Yes, it’s about the Porsche brand, the spirited drives, the great roads, the Oregon scenery, etc., but what is it REALLY about?

Well, it’s about people named Monte, Ron, Joe, Matt, Jeremy, Brian, Peg, John, Bob and Ravi. This is a story about how I entered the world of Porsche. Ten years ago, I bought a Triumph TR6 from Monte Shelton and then did the subsequent Northwest Classics Rallies every year.

During one of these drives, I met Ron Gotcher and although I didn’t own a Porsche, he invited me to go on the ORPCA Midweek drives. Joe Kelly, who was the founder of these drives, gave me a warm welcome. I went on these drives for one year and then bought a Porsche Carrera S from Matt Crandall at Avant Garde Collection in Portland. Jeremy Williams and Brian Farley at Matrix Integrated inspected the car and agreed that it was a solid choice.

ORPCA can be a bit complex with such a variety of activities.  Fortunately, Peg Ryan came to my rescue and has guided me ever since. (Thanks, Peg!)  At my first monthly meeting, everybody knew me as the “guy with the yellow TR6.” I sat with John Thomas and he bent my ear about the beauty of air-cooled Porsches. Joe Kelly gave me a warm welcome saying that my TR6 had trouble keeping up with the Porsches, which was pure poppycock!

Since then, I have been on Arrive and Drives, autocrosses, the Northwest Passage, Driver Education at the Bremerton Raceway and Driver Education at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Along the way, I have met Bob Ellis and Ravi Rajaram, both established ORPCA Tourmiesters. They have taught me the art of designing tours. Ravi still refers to me as “Boy Racer TR6” from my days with the Triumph. His day will come!

In summary, my road from a TR6 to a Porsche has been exciting and enjoyable. Yes, the Porsche drives are loads of fun but it’s the people that make these drives meaningful! We all know this but sometimes we forget.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. I still love my yellow TR6 and I frequently bring it to Porsche events just to “stir the pot!”

Thanks everyone for a great ride!!

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