Steve Miller, Past-President

This is my 18th year as an Oregon Porsche Club member. I joined the club after purchasing my first Porsche. Because of my responsibilities to my work and the Naval Reserve I was not very active in club events. I would attend the car corral at the Historic Races every year, but that was about it. I think a lot of members can relate to this. I was so busy in my work and personal life I didn’t have time to enjoy what the club had to offer. After I retired that all changed so my wife, Winnie, and I began attending the monthly socials. We met dozens of individuals that we would never have met absent of club functions. Many of these members have become very good friends over the years.

I have served as Membership Chair, Secretary, Vice President, President, and now as Past-President. Thank you all for your support and, especially, thank you to the ORPCA Board of Directors and others who work very hard. They spend long hours behind the scenes to bring you safe events, manage the club website and produce the club magazine, the Anzeiger.

I hope to see you at a club event soon!

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