Larry Tracewell, Membership

Larry Tracewell, Membership

My wife Linda and I are both Portland natives and we LOVE to DRIVE! I learned to drive on my uncle’s farm when I was 11 years old and I have had a passion for driving ever since. I am an avid sports car and Formula 1 and motorcycle racing fan and my addiction to motorsports has only grown worse over the years. I now have three Porsches all named after German Formula 1 champions. Nico, a 2008 Carrera 4S; Hans, a 2011 Cayenne S and a Wolfgang, 2014 Panamera 4S.

I’m looking forward to the New Year and working with the other board members, volunteers and facilitators to make this club a great place for Porsche aficionados to enjoy their cars and their Porsche driving experiences. See you on the road!

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Tom Floyd, Sales & Marketing and Social Media

Tom Floyd, Sales & Marketing and Social Media

My Porsche Journey started when I was in the third grade in my hometown of San Diego, California. Our class assignment was to write a short story of what we would like to do when we grew up. Well, I’ve loved cars all my life and at the young age of 8, I had a very comprehensive collection of Hot Wheels cars. For the report, I chose “Race Car Driver.” But not just any car, even then, I singled out Porsche as my weapon of choice. I even convinced my mother to take me to Alan Johnson Porsche to visit their Race Department and do a little “Research.” The staff at the dealership was very nice to me and the race techs talked about the cars and answered my questions. I was hooked on Porsche for life. In the late 80s I went to work as the Parts & Service Manager for a small independent shop called Dieters Porsche Service on 16th and Market in downtown San Diego.

It wasn’t until 2014 that I was able to pull the trigger and purchase my first Porsche, an Arctic Silver 2002 996TT. I immediately signed up with PCA national and joined the Oregon Region. It’s been really fun to get to know so many members and try out a lot of the club activities such as the drives, autocross and the monthly socials. I’m very excited and honored to be chosen as the club’s Sales & Marketing Director and am looking forward to sharing some fresh ideas and continuing to be involved wherever I can.

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Phyllis Thiemann, Social

Phylis Thiemann, Social

I have been a part of ORPCA since the early 1980’s and I have been doing event planning for more than 35 years. When I was asked to serve on the Board, it was with the idea to create a social committee to help plan events and look for venues and new volunteers. The thing that makes the events so special is the volunteers and their commitment to serve in the club. The old saying “many hands make light work” is true. When we can share responsibilities among several people, it makes it more fun and not so burdensome for any one person.

I have attended both of the Porsche Parade Conventions which were held in Portland. We were part of the volunteer team for the second one. It takes a lot of volunteers to put on something of that magnitude. While we are not looking to do something of that size, we will try to celebrate our 60th anniversary this year since the one in 2020 had to be cancelled. I am looking forward to more ideas and volunteers to implement social activities in 2021 and beyond. Thank you for helping us, the Board, to serve you, our membership.

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Heinz Holzapfel, Webmaster and SUV Tours

Heinz Holzapfel, Webmaster and SUV Tours

In 2017 I finally was able to fulfill a long childhood dream: my wife Sylvia and I bought our first Porsche, a 2011 911 C4S triple black Cabriolet. A year later we joined PCA and ORPCA. Then in fall 2019, we replaced Sylvia’s aging BMW 5-Series Sports Wagon with a 2018 Macan S, and we still maintain our 1999 Miata, our first little sports car.

We both have a history in High Tech, Sylvia as a Marketing Executive, myself as a Software Development Executive. We moved from Silicon Valley to Portland in 2009. After joining the club in March 2018, our first encounter with the club was the 2018 Cabin Fever Tour and we got hooked. We joined a number of drive events throughout the year. I also went to several Autocross events to get a better feeling of the 911’s capabilities.

In late 2018, Peg Ryan and I started brainstorming about improvements to the club’s aged website, and after board approval we started the work on the new website in January 2019, leading to the launch in June 2019. The site since then has grown in capabilities like processing the waivers for events and handling bigger events like the NW Passage, and managing memberships and fee collection for events and memberships.

Another project I am working on is to offer turn-by-turn navigation capability for our drives through a smart phone app. After testing several apps, we settled on Scenic, an iPhone app originally developed for motorcycles. The app has found a nice follow-ship, but it is not meant to replace the classic written driving directions.  However, if you drive alone or with a navigator who’s prone to get car sick, it’s a big help. Go to the Tour Library to learn more about the app!  

For 2020 I took on the coordination and planning of the SUV group events, as our long-term leader and founder Jeremy Williams moved to Bend and has limited bandwidth. We are planning to offer monthly SUV driving events in 2021.

I am honored to be serving as ORPCA’s webmaster (that gives me a chance for a little hands-on coding again) and to support the club in other projects and assignments as Director at Large.

If you want to contact me please click the mail icon!     

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