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Tosh - ORPCA

I was born in Japan to a second-generation US Citizen Mom. My family moved to LA; then I moved to Hawaii, where I was in sales at the Maui Searsstore, in Kahului. Eventually, I moved to Oregon, answered a newspaper ad for insurance sales, and started my career in personal insurance sales. As part of that career, I met my wife, Wendy, and went to work with her. I retired in May 2016 after 43 years as an insurance agent.
Through the years I’ve been lucky to own some nice sporty cars: a Datsun 240Z, a Toyota MR2, and a Honda S2000 (my best driver to that date). Also, I owned a couple of Porsches. The first was a very used two-liter 914. Not a fast car with no heater, no air, no power anything, and a go-kart hard suspension. I loved driving that car. Later I purchased a new 2005 Cayenne Turbo. In those days, that was a crazy fast vehicle but certainly not as nimble as the 914. In 2018 I purchased a new 2018 Macan Turbo and my relationship with cars and driving changed. I love this SUV. It’s fast, agile, very comfortable, reliable, elegant, and great-looking. Three years later, I ordered my 2021 992 Turbo S. Like all Porsches, it’s much more car than anyone needs but if you can appreciate and learn to respect their capabilities, they are certainly worth the investment. For me, it’s the perfect sports car. Every time I drive it, it makes me feel very lucky.

Also in 2018, I joined PCA and ORPCA. I recall talking enthusiastically to a friend in our club about the revelation of how well the Porsches drove and handled corners. He asked me if my Macan was my first sporty car. I had to pause and consider what he said. I’ve owned some sporty cars but never focused much beyond the basic transportation value of those cars. Now I have the support of our club to experience and learn the capabilities of driving a great car. Driving straight and fast is easy but one has to learn to master the curves. The ORPCA has opened my world to the joy of driving. But even more than the cars, what I enjoy the most is sharing the Porsche experience, the camaraderie with veteran members, and introducing new members to our group.

In the years since joining the ORPCA, I’ve had the opportunity to plan and lead many drives, have assisted in several events such as the Monthly dinners, and even assisted with our Northwest Passages.

I look forward to seeing you on the road and sharing the drive soon.

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