Have You Seen My Keys?

Have You Seen My Keys? As we all get older, we’re probably often asking this question of our spouses, our partners, our kids, our pets, maybe even ourselves (it’s still ok […]

Here’s how the 2020 Porsche Taycan is made

The Taycan is Porsche’s first production electric car, and while the underlying technology may be different from the Porsches that came before, the Taycan is still assembled in a factory […]

Adding Corn Fuel To Your Porsche?

A few vintage aircooled clients asked me what I thought about them filling their fuel tanks full of ethanol fuel (E10) before they put their cars away for winter hibernation. […]

Part 3 – Hibernating Your Porsche

If you’re going to be putting away your beloved Porsche for the winter weather, here are some areas to think about in regard to vehicle hibernation: #1 Fluids Ideally, it’d […]

Part 2 Winter Tech: Tires and Traction

Severe weather makes driving treacherous. Snow, ice, freezing rain, fog and even the winter sun can all conspire to make winter driving even more difficult and dangerous. With a little […]

Part 1 Winter Tech: Tires

As we head towards winter, we all need to be thinking about preparing our Porsche’s for either winter driving or hibernation (that is, unless you’re taking it with you to […]

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