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I must be one of the luckiest guys on the planet.  I get to combine two hobbies about which I am passionate-Photography and the automobile.

I took an auto shop class in 1969, and from 1970-1974 I was an auto mechanic for British Motors of San Francisco.  My neighbor across the alley from where I was living at the time owned a 1967 912 Targa.  We became friends and together we learned how to tune the Solex Carbs and were able to remove the engine/transmission in 15 minutes.

During a trip to Southern California for the 1995 Rose Bowl, I saw Porsches everywhere. I went to a large used Porsche lot, drove one, went home and purchased a 1986 Carrera Coupe with 22,000miles.  I parked it in 2002 with a worn clutch at 110,000 miles.

In 2004 I bought a 1996 993 turbo coupe with 9,400miles, did some HPDE with it when Don Clinkenbeard was in charge.  I sold that car 2011 with 36,011miles.  (damn,….wished I’d kept it)

As I briefly noted in the Feb Issue of the Anzeiger, I got hooked on photography in 1968. I began photographing cars, and since then I have never been without a camera.  In medical school, I took most of the photographs for the year book and developed and printed these in the school lab.  As my kids, Cole and Paige, were growing up, baseball, football, volleyball, and dance were the basis for honing my photographic skills and helped me build a wonderful collection of pro camera gear.

I have been photographing the Oregon Region autocross for the last several years. Through that lens I discovered the art of autocross.  Years ago, with the 993TT, I began to develop vertigo after sustained high speed tracking in a very fast car and decided it was time to stop that. Finding autocross has been a great substitute to feed the need for speed.  Hence, I am re-building my ‘86 Carrera Coupe into an autocross car and will begin to document some of that journey online. 

I thank Peg and the Board of Directors for giving me this incredible opportunity to unite and fuel two of my lifelong passions and feel fortunate to be able to work with the incredible group of people that make up our club.

Lastly, we joined the club 17 years ago and my first club event was February 2019.  Jennifer, my wife and co-member, can be often seen behind the lens with a Porsche in view.  I have ordered a Gentian Blue 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 with 6-speed transmission with burgundy leather and expect that to arrive in 18 months. In the meantime, smile… you are on candid camera.

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