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Ravi Rajaram

Ravi Rajaram, ORPCA Member

From Detroit Iron to Porsche Precision – My Brief Journey

An oft-asked question among Porsche owners and other car enthusiasts is “When did you buy your first Porsche?” or “What made you decide to buy a Porsche?” or something along those lines.

With that as background let me attempt to briefly sketch my path to Porsche ownership.

My first car purchase in the US was a ’72 Buick Le Sabre and that choice was driven strictly by economics. As a graduate student at Vanderbilt University in the early ‘80s, I could somewhat afford the $600 the Buick cost (same as my monthly stipend if I remember right). It was a boat and floated around and was as wide as a Greyhound bus as many American cars were in the ‘70s. It did however give me mobility off campus and was in decent shape and didn’t cost me too much to maintain except for a transmission job that set me back $400.

The next car I traded up to was a ’76 VW Scirocco which I picked up on campus as soon as I got my first job offer. It was a fun car to drive and handled surprisingly well compared to the Buick. It was a tough call to make between that and a Fiat X19, a 2-seater, but I went with the VW. I had the VW Scirocco moved from Nashville to Phoenix, the location of my first job. All was fine for a few days until the temperatures started to climb well into the 100s in August and then every rubber hose started to give out almost every other day and leaving a trail of steam and coolant in its wake.

I figured that I couldn’t risk my reputation being late for work or a no show on account of car problems as a new hire – so ended up buying a brand new ’85 VW Scirocco which I kept for a few years. It was a great car at that time with impressive handling but lacked real power. So I was looking to trade up and had my eye out for Porsches, especially the more affordable 944s which I thought were pretty striking cars back in the day.

I ended up buying a ’84 Porsche 944 in ’87, a very balanced car in every way with a 50-50 weight distribution, but it was not a 911 and didn’t sound like one at all (being water-cooled), but was a great first Porsche.

That said, I was constantly looking out for a 911 (a real Porsche) and when the 993 first came out and I actually saw one (I think it was Rupert Kobelgarde’s silver 993), I  was awestruck and felt it was an astonishingly beautiful car, a remarkable work of art in its proportions and benchmark performance specs.

So, I kept my Porsche 944 until 2000, when I picked up my current ’95 911 – it was a relatively lightly used car and just crossed 10K miles on the drive home. Today I have about 35k mostly dry-weather miles on it. 

I intend to keep my 993 for a long time (though I confess that I have been tempted over the years by Italian exotics, but better sense has prevailed) and maybe get a 911 GT3 Touring (another very elegant Porsche) or a Tesla 2.0 Roadster as its stablemate down the road.

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Maynard Chambers

Maynard Chambers, ORPCA Member

Yes, it’s about the Porsche brand, the spirited drives, the great roads, the Oregon scenery, etc., but what is it REALLY about?

Well, it’s about people named Monte, Ron, Joe, Matt, Jeremy, Brian, Peg, John, Bob and Ravi. This is a story about how I entered the world of Porsche. Ten years ago, I bought a Triumph TR6 from Monte Shelton and then did the subsequent Northwest Classics Rallies every year.

During one of these drives, I met Ron Gotcher and although I didn’t own a Porsche, he invited me to go on the ORPCA Midweek drives. Joe Kelly, who was the founder of these drives, gave me a warm welcome. I went on these drives for one year and then bought a Porsche Carrera S from Matt Crandall at Avant Garde Collection in Portland. Jeremy Williams and Brian Farley at Matrix Integrated inspected the car and agreed that it was a solid choice.

ORPCA can be a bit complex with such a variety of activities.  Fortunately, Peg Ryan came to my rescue and has guided me ever since. (Thanks, Peg!)  At my first monthly meeting, everybody knew me as the “guy with the yellow TR6.” I sat with John Thomas and he bent my ear about the beauty of air-cooled Porsches. Joe Kelly gave me a warm welcome saying that my TR6 had trouble keeping up with the Porsches, which was pure poppycock!

Since then, I have been on Arrive and Drives, autocrosses, the Northwest Passage, Driver Education at the Bremerton Raceway and Driver Education at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Along the way, I have met Bob Ellis and Ravi Rajaram, both established ORPCA Tourmiesters. They have taught me the art of designing tours. Ravi still refers to me as “Boy Racer TR6” from my days with the Triumph. His day will come!

In summary, my road from a TR6 to a Porsche has been exciting and enjoyable. Yes, the Porsche drives are loads of fun but it’s the people that make these drives meaningful! We all know this but sometimes we forget.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. I still love my yellow TR6 and I frequently bring it to Porsche events just to “stir the pot!”

Thanks everyone for a great ride!!

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Les Schreiber

Les Schreiber, ORPCA Member

My Porsche Story begins in 1972 when I purchased a 914-2.0. In 1976 I bought a 912E. My third Porsche was a 2002 Carrera with the X51 Kit and a six-speed manual. My current Porsche is a 2012 Carrera S with a seven-speed box.
I moved to Vancouver after many years in the Loma Prieta Region out of San Jose. I was the Membership Chair for two years, President for two years and co-president for two years. I spent five years as the Zone 7 Concours Chairperson. I have been a member of the Oregon Region since 2017.
I love attending Porsche events. Some of the Parades I have attended are: Portland 2006 (Took 1st place Touring Class at Parade Concours), San Diego, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, and Monterey Bay, CA. Also, I have attended WERKS Reunion Monterey in 2014 and 2015 and in 2016 I was a PCA judge.
I did an Autobahn Adventures Tour in Germany and Austria in 2006.
I am 86 years old and I still love driving my Porsche. I am a US Navy Veteran. I was active for 22 years including the Korea and Vietnam wars. I also spent 25 years at Lockheed Missile & Space Co.
Every year since 2005 in have participated in Autocross events. I have my Daughter participate when she can (She loves to drive my Porsche and drove at PIR at the Portland Parade). I love Autocross because they are a lot of fun, regardless of how I end up. I’m not into it to win anything, but to just enjoy driving my 2012 Carrera S. Sometimes there are just too many cones, and I lose track of the course. As most participants will acknowledge, there are times when you just get lost, but it’s still a lot of fun, and nobody gets hurt.
I do like to go on the club tours, since I am new to the area, to see what Oregon and Washington have to offer. I was disappointed that the Crater Lake tour this year was cancelled; I was looking forward to that.

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Randy and Ann Stolz


Like most of you, it began when I bought my Porsche, though it feels like way before …
I was just a kid really, maybe 7 or 8 when I saw racing Porsches first. It was at Vineland Speed- way, one of those local bull rings with a drag strip and a snaky, widened, return road back to the pits. The South Jersey Region of SCCA was having a race and Mom and I were doing a lap chart for Scoring. I’d call out the car numbers and Mom would write them down. The start of the race and the resultant first lap was a catastrophe. So many cars are close together on the first lap you can barely get the numbers out of your mouth with- out missing some. The one I never missed was the silver 550 RS Spyder driven by Bob Holbert. The following year it was Roger Penske in an RSK. A lasting impression for a kid.

The following year, we moved to Los Angeles and soon we’re at strange dusty tracks like Willow Springs and Riverside which made the coastal course at Goleta Airport (Santa Barbara) seem cramped but far more pleasant. Ken Miles, Jack McAfee, Jay Hills, Scooter Pat- rick, Don Wester and John “Bat” Masterson all in Type 718s, race after race, created the icon and my dream of driving one. A few years later in high school I’d let that dream out with my ’62 Beatle terrorizing the freshly paved streets of virgin hous- ing developments and Mulholland Drive.

The years and other cars sped by and it’s 2004. Interest rates are low and after 34 years in hi-tech I decide to go for it. The decision to buy a Boxster instead of a 911 was pretty easy. While the 911 had become the definition of a Porsche it wasn’t the one I wanted nor could I afford it. Nope, I wanted a mid-engine car. The Boxster wasn’t an RSK or RS60 but it had the look and it was much better … for my purposes at least. Those “purposes” included being my daily driver to work for two years, a grand turismo on ‘sun runs’ to Phoenix, L. A. and Monterey via the coast and alternatively US 395 or CA 49.

Then, there was Rainbonnet, the Cabin Fever Tours, Tech Sessions, The Mille, The Covered Bridge Tours, Parade, probably 5000+ miles of Arrive and Drives led and followed, a Track Day or two, Wine Tours, The Burrito Run, The Northwest Passage, three seasons of Autocross, Volunteer and Summer Pic- nics, Holiday Parties and more Dinner Socials than my waistline needed. Beyond club activities there were many times I felt the need to share with you other memories, adventure, discovery, opinion, humor and other trivia because to truly enjoy the sport we love it must have a context. Just writing those stories was fun for me and, I hope, for you.

Recently, we learned of the passing of Sir Stirling Moss. It’s hard for me to remember a time when I wasn’t following his races as a boy, or some other activity through all these years. One of my heroes, my lasting vision of him was pulling away from the field in dramatic fashion in a lime green Lotus 19 … Riverside 1960. He loved the Porsche 718 too as he says here: Godspeed Stirling.

Throughout this journey there have been my “fast friends”; they‘re the ones that show up at events and have provided encouragement over the years. I’d be remiss if I didn’t give thanks to all of you who supplied ideas, copy and pictures to help me tell my stories (Bob Ellis took the one on the previous page).

Thanks for all those good times. Randy & Ann.

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Tom Floyd


My Porsche Journey started when I was in the 3rd grade in my hometown of San Diego, California. Our class assignment was to write a short story of what we would like to do when we grew up. Well, I’ve loved cars all my life and at the young age of 8, I had a very comprehensive collection of Hot Wheels cars. For the report, I chose “Race Car Driver”. But not just any car, even then, I singled out Porsche as my weapon of choice. I even convinced my mother to take me to Alan Johnson Porsche to visit their Race Department and do a little “Research”. The staff at the dealership was very nice to me and the race techs talked about the cars and answered my questions. I was hooked on Porsche for life. In the Late 80’s I went to work as the Parts & Service Manager for a small independent shop called Dieters Porsche Service on 16th and Market in downtown San Diego. It wasn’t until 2014 that I was able to pull the trigger and purchase my first Porsche, an Arctic Silver 2002 996TT.

I immediately signed up with PCA national and joined the Oregon Region Porsche Club. It’s been really fun to get to know so many members and try out a lot of the club activities such as the drives, autocross and the monthly socials. I’m very excited and honored to be chosen as the clubs Sales & Marketing Director and am looking forward to sharing some fresh ideas and continuing to be involved wherever I can. You can reach me at: [email protected]

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Peg Ryan


In 2014 I was considering retiring from Intel Corporation.  My husband, Eric, told me I could not retire unless I had a hobby.  I found a hobby – The Porsche Club.  But I then had to tell him that the only way this would work was if I bought a Porsche! We looked for a while at used 911s. We drove to Bend Oregon to the Porsche dealer there and met an amazing sales person, Jim Heinrich. We drove a used 911. It was nice, but we needed to discuss this. We went and had dinner and then stayed overnight. We decided it was not the car for me. Then I saw 2 new black Boxster Ss. They were almost exactly the same, sparkling black with tan interiors, except one was stick and one was PDK.  After much debate, we decided on the PDK.  The dealership paid for us to Join PCA and Jim told me to join the local club. He was part of the High Desert Region and he said it was a blast. 

I came back to Portland and immediately joined the local club! 

I began to get the email blasts and noticed there was a request for a webmaster. This went on for weeks, so I decided it was time to see if I could help. While I am a bit technical, I had never managed a web. I met with Joe McQueen and he convinced me I did not need to know HTML to manage the web! Joe gave me a crash course on our web tool and off I went. I was still working at the time and I felt like I could do a couple of hours a week. By 2015, I was managing the web. I retired officially in June 2016 after 25 years at Intel. I figured out in in late 2015, that the best way to manage the web was to go to the board meetings. I attended as many as I could. About a year later, Joe called me and asked me to be on the board as the Communications Director for 2017. There had never been such a position, so I was free to make it what I wanted. In July of 2017, I picked up the role of Secretary in addition to my communications work.

I started looking at where I could impact communications. I continued updating the web and making minor changes to it. I began helping with the Anzeiger and making sure there are good articles and pictures in it as well as editing it. Eventually, I took over the email blasts.  I also help with the end of year material that you get, reviewing the calendar and providing the membership directory information to be published. I also am now managing the Smugmug site that the club uses after Harold Klein decided to help with a new photoshop outside of Yellowstone!

In mid-2018, I had an idea that the web needed a major update.  I was talking with a new member, Heinz Holzapfel, at a social and dinner event and found out he was a retired VP of software engineering. I asked him if he would be interested in helping with web update.  He said yes! He had an incredible vision of what the web should look like. We started in October, 2018 and by May, 2019 we had a new web with all the features you have become accustom to!

This year, 2020, I am the new Vice President under Steve Miller. I am excited to learn about the managing of the club and all that entails. I will be looking to offload some of my work and eventually find someone to become the new Communications Director! Eric and I will continue to manage all most all of the events the club offers from Autocross to Arrive and Drives, Midweek Drives, Social and dinners, Tours and most everything else! We now have 3 Porsches (somehow, they multiplied), a Moonlight blue Cayenne GTS, a metallic black 911 C4S and a Sapphire Blue Boxster S (my Autocross car!). See you on the road or on the AX course!

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Larry Hannan


For my wife Cathy and me, the Porsche experience started with a trip to a car dealership in 2005 to look at a special edition of an Audi TT. Sitting on the show room floor along with the Audi was a Guards Red 1995 Porsche Carrera cabriolet. After taking both cars out for a test drive it was obvious which was the better car. I asked my wife which of the cars she preferred, and she pointed to the red Porsche. We took the Carrera home that day and joined PCA and ORPCA that same year.

Like a lot of new members, the first ORPCA event we attended was a Saturday arrive and drive. That was followed by a few Wednesday dinners and some more arrive and drives. In 2006 the Porsche Parade was in Portland and I volunteered to help. That really began our journey in the Porsche Club. Over the years we hosted Wednesday dinners, helped with events like the clubs 50th anniversary in 2009, the 911 50th anniversary at Skamania Lodge, car corrals at Concours d’Elegance in Forrest Grove and club tours. My involvement with ORPCA increased in 2015 when I was nominated to serve on the ORPCA Board of Directors and stepped up a bit more when I became President in 2017.

While involvement in the club is time consuming, the benefit is meeting and working with some amazing people, who own and drive some amazing cars.

In 2018 the benefit of meeting members worked out for us in a different way. With the commitment to attend events as President came a lot of driving. We decided that we didn’t want to add that many miles to the 95 Carrera. Maybe that was just an excuse to go looking for another car, but looking I went. The stars aligned because a car I had admired for a couple of years came up for sale. The car was ORPCA member Joe Kelly’s 2008 Porsche Design Edition Cayman S. Knowing Joe and how he maintained his cars made the purchase easy.

The year 2020 will mark our 15th anniversary with the Oregon Region of the Porsche Club of America. The purchase of a Porsche and joining ORPCA was a great decision. We are looking forward to many more years of playing with cars.

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Jeremy Williams


Our shop had built and maintained a 2006 Carrera 2S for a client many years ago. It always was a favorite of ours; bright Speed Yellow, factory aero body kit, tasteful modifications, kept impeccably clean. He started a growing family and thus needed a sports sedan, so we ended up purchasing it from him for use as a “shop Porsche.” We frequently use this magnificent car at ORPCA driving events. The co-pilot looking out of the passenger window is my dog Boo, our Canine Greeter Extraordinaire ([email protected]). He loves ORPCA arrive & drives, and has learned to lean into the corners before I even turn the steering wheel!

Since then I have driven lots of Porsches, but still not enough 😊

My current ride is a 2012 Cayenne Turbo; modified for both on-pavement and off-pavement. While I do have favorite roads, I actually prefer taking my Cayenne where there aren’t many discernable roads.

My favorite Porsche Story: Growing up as teen in the late ‘80s and early 90’s, I had posters on my walls of slantnose Porsche’s and whaletail Porsche’s – dream cars. I distinctly remember “the” Porsche which set the stage for me; I was 14 and my younger brother Justin and I were talking a walk in our neighborhood with our dad. We happened upon a Guards Red 80’s slantnose 911 Cabriolet. It was gleaming in the sun, and our dad’s favorite car color was any shade of bright red, so it definitely left an impression on all of us. We ran home to get his Nikon film camera (remember those?) and took a picture of it. I still have the picture. Our dad later purchased a new Guards Red Boxster S, most likely with the 80’s slantnose in the back of his mind due to the Boxster’s side grilles.

Jeremy joined PCA in April 2010 and ORPCA in March 2012. Since then he got actively engaged in the club in multiple roles: Scholarships & Grants Committee Member, Technical Editor (He still manages and contributes to the Tech Blog on the ORPCA web page), and he started and is leading the growing SUV Group.

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Gary Koppang

Gary Koppang, HISTORIAN

After returning from three years in SouthEast Asia courtesy of Uncle Sam, my first car was a 1971 Datsun 510. I later sold that boxy sedan when offered a 1973 BMW 2002. For those of you not old enough to remember racing back then, these were two of the three hot cars in the Under 2.5 class of the Trans-Am series in the late sixties and early seventies, the other being an Alfa Romeo GTV. In 1978 I traded the Bimmer straight across for a 1964 Porsche 356 SC. Those first two cars had around 110 bhp so going to the Porsche’s 95 hp wasn’t that noticeable. More than that they were sedans not sports cars. And, by God, it was a Porsche. A Porsche sports car. Not bad for a poor college student.

As you can see it was black with a red interior. Back then I didn’t join the PCA. Instead, I became a member of the 356 Registry because I thought they would have more model specific information. 

It wasn’t until 1998 that Theresa and I  joined the PCA after purchasing a ten year old 911, the one with the G50 tranny. This time it was Guards Red with a black interior; just the opposite of my first Porsche. Living in the Seattle metro area I also joined the Pacific NW Region. Since then I’ve had an Ocean Blue 1999 996. Currently, Theresa and I have a 2009 997.2 Carrera S in Carrara White with a dark blue leather inside.

Upon relocating to Portland, we joined the Oregon Region in 2009. I first became involved in 2015 when Past President  Joe McQueen called for volunteers for the newly formed  effort to assist automotive service students. Later that year I became Chair of the Scholarship & Grants Committee.

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Lori Brown


Porsches have been a part of my life since my early 20’s. I grew up going to the races at PIR and while watching all the excitement on the track I decided I needed to have a sports car of my own. At 23 I used the proceeds from my Toyota Celica as a down payment for my first Porsche, a guards red 1978 911 SC Targa. In 1985 I sold it and bought a new guards red Carrera Targa and then in 1987 I sold it and bought a white 1979 911 SC. Just driving on the streets of Portland didn’t cure my need for speed though so I took racing school at PIR as well as the Jim Russell racing school at Laguna Seca and raced SCCA (an ASR class, Lola) and won second overall my rookie year – back in those days I was the only ‘girl’ in the field. I enjoyed racing until work took me to Silicon Valley in 1987. I still have my 911 and with 190k miles on the original engine, it’s in beautiful shape and it will go to my grave with me!

I joined PCA and ORPCA in March 2015. I was part of the ORPCA Board, as the Marketing Director from 2016 until the end of 2019. I plan on continuing to host the Porsche Corrals at the Rose Cup and Vintage PIR races and manage our presence at the International car show at the Convention Center. I am always looking for volunteers to help with the Corrals and car show so please let me know if you want to join in the fun!

I am a Lake Oswego resident and aside from cars, I’ve been an international sales/marketing executive and business owner in the high tech industry for many years. I am currently the Executive Director for the NW with AUVSI, the largest Commercial Unmanned Systems organization and own a Drone consulting and services business.

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