Anh Le, Director at Large

Anh Le - ORPCA

Anh Le, Director at Large I joined ORPCA in 2010 and knew I had found an organization that not only had car enthusiasts but also wonderful friends who have become […]

Larry Hannan, Director at Large

Larry - ORPCA

Larry Hannan, Director at Large I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with the other members of the ORPCA board and all the volunteers who make this club […]

Peg Ryan, Past President


Peg Ryan, Past President I joined PCA and Oregon PCA back in August 2014. I had just bought a new Black Boxster S. I was still working at Intel at […]

Tosh Kanno, Secretary

Tosh - ORPCA

Tosh Kanno, Secretary I was born in Japan to a second-generation US Citizen Mom. My family moved to LA; then I moved to Hawaii, where I was in sales at […]

Daniel Morris, Treasurer

Daniel - ORPCA

Daniel Morris, Treasurer The first time I experienced 100 MPH was in 1968 while a young passenger in a 1963 356C where I learned three things: Porsches were fast, exciting, […]

Carole Hedstrom, Vice President

Carole Hedstrom, Vice President & Volunteer Chair Being part of ORPCA these past 10 years has opened my world to people, events, and places I had no idea existed. Serving […]

Heinz Holzapfel, President


Heinz Holzapfel, President & Webmaster In 2017 I finally was able to fulfill a long childhood dream: my wife Sylvia and I bought our first Porsche, a 2011 911C4S triple […]

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