Peg Ryan, President & Communications Director

Peg Ryan, President & Communications Director

I joined PCA and Oregon PCA back in August of 2014. I had just bought a new Black Boxster S. I was still working at Intel at the time, so I did not do very much with the club. My first event was the Holiday party in December. There I was greeted by Anh Le, who was the membership director at the time. My husband, Eric, and I had a great time and felt very welcome. From then on, I watched the weekly emails for more events we could do. In 2016, I found an ad that continued for weeks about needing a webmaster.  I finally answered the ad and became the club webmaster. Boy did I have a lot to learn. In 2017, I was made the Communications Director. I moved to the Vice President role in 2020 and continued with the Communications Director and I continue to look for someone to take on this important job. This year, I am honored to lead the club, as your new President and I am very excited to work with our experienced Board of Directors. I am hopeful that we can get COVID-19 behind us.

My passion for sports cars began when I spent a high school summer as a nanny for a family who had a 1967 Mercury Cougar. It was dark maroon with black leather seats. I was allowed to drive it home when I finished work. I was on Cloud Nine driving that car!  My first Porsche was a bronze colored1986 944. After that car I did not get another Porsche until the 2014 Black Boxster S. Since then, we have had a number of Porsches, but as of today we have a 2021 Boxster GTS 4.0 in GT Silver and a 2021 Cayenne GTS in Quartzite Gray. 

I am looking forward to some drives this year, doing Autocross and hopefully we can get a social or two in this year as well. 

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Heinz Holzapfel, Vice-President & Webmaster

Heinz Holzapfel, Vice President & Webmaster

In 2017 I finally was able to fulfill a long childhood dream: my wife Sylvia and I bought our first Porsche, a 2011 911 C4S triple black Cabriolet. A year later we joined PCA and ORPCA. Then in fall 2019, we replaced Sylvia’s aging BMW 5-Series Sports Wagon with a 2018 Macan S, and we still maintain our 1999 Miata, our first little sports car, that’s now my autocross ninja.

We both have a history in High Tech, Sylvia as a Marketing Executive, me as a Software Development Executive. We moved from Silicon Valley to Portland in 2009. After joining the club in March 2018, our first encounter with the club was the 2018 Cabin Fever Tour and we got hooked. We joined several drive events throughout the year and enjoyed the drives and the camaraderie. I also went to several Autocross events to get a better feeling of the 911’s capabilities.

In late 2018, Peg Ryan and I started brainstorming about improvements to the club’s aged website, and after board approval we started the work on the new website in January 2019, leading to the launch in June 2019. The site since then has grown in capabilities like processing the waivers for events and handling bigger events like the NW Passage and managing memberships and fee collection for events and memberships. Last year the site won 2nd place in the National PCA website contest.

Another project I am working on is to offer turn-by-turn navigation capability for our drives through a smart phone app. After testing several apps, we settled on Scenic, an iPhone app originally developed for motorcycles. The app has found a nice follow-ship, but it is not meant to replace the classic written driving directions.  However, if you drive alone or with a navigator who’s prone to get car sick, it’s a big help. Go to the Tour Library to learn more about the app! 

For 2020 I took on the coordination and planning of the SUV group events, as our long-term leader and founder Jeremy Williams moved to Bend and has limited bandwidth. In 2021 we offered for the first time SUV drives every month between March and October. We are planning to further extend the monthly SUV drives in 2022.

I am honored to be serving as ORPCA’s webmaster (that gives me a chance for a little hands-on coding again) and to now serve as Vice President as well. I hope to see you and chat at one of our many driving, autocross, and social events!

If you want to contact me, please use the form below!

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Randy Homes, Treasurer

Randy Homes, Treasurer

Even though I test drove my first Porsche in 1986, the financial priorities of life kept creeping in and I did not finally buy my first one until 2015, a white 997 Carrera S Cabriolet.  Then it took me a year to work up the courage to attend an Arrive and Drive, but I’ve been hooked on the club ever since.  My wife Diane and I have done many multi-day events and tourmeister for the three weekend tours to eastern Washington and plan to the Walla Walla Wine tour again this year. 

Although I’m a fourth generation Oregonian, I spent most of my career in southern California where I was a CPA and then the financial owner/partner of a couple of water purification related businesses.  After that Diane and I came back to Portland where I still work full-time because I enjoy it.  Although Diane has other plans for me, I could work forever.  Long ago I ran trail ultramarathons but am limited now to just riding my bicycles. I am honored to be serving as ORPCA’s Treasurer.  While there are many ways to serve the Club, the role of Treasurer matches well with my experience and accountant-ish proclivity to introversion.  

If you want to contact me please use the form below!     

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Carol Hedstrom, Secretary

Carol Hedstrom, Secretary

Secretary and Enthusiast of all Things Beautiful

There is only one Porsche in my life, and he’s a Beaut. My main enthusiasm in life centers around people and design. I enjoy Porsche Club for the shared interest in beautiful cars, but even more so for the shared enthusiasm of the people who own and drive those cars.

As secretary for the Oregon Region, my goal is to maintain the records of our meetings at the foundational level. My career background is in detail-driven areas such as marketing, interior design, and insurance. Details make all the difference.

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Steve Miller, Past-President

Steve Miller, Past President

As I rotate out as ORPCA President into the Past President position, I reflect on my association with Porsche, the automobile.  I was in grade school in Moscow, Idaho during the late 50’s and early 60’s.  I saw my first Porsche in 1959.  I was 10 years old.  It was cream-colored with a black convertible top.  In hindsight, it was, probably, a convertible D!  Very collectible today.  The car was brand new and was owned by my friend’s uncle who was very successful dentist.

I never rode in the car but I got to sit in it.  I said to myself, “I’m going to own a car like this one of these days.”

Over the years I have owned Fords, Chevys, and Volkswagens.  I even owed a 1966 427 cubic inch Corvette roadster when I first got out of the Navy.  With college, and raising two children who, also, needed to go to college, I didn’t buy my first Porsche until I was over 55 years old. 

I treated myself to a 2001 Porsche Boxster S as reward for making Navy Captain, O-6, in the Navy Reserve!  As many of you know, I have several models at this time and one is very similar to the 1959 model previously mentioned.  I recently acquired a 1963 356B Cabriolet.  A dream come true!

I love this organization.  It provides great opportunities for sharing our passion for Porsche with like-minded individuals. Hope to see you at a club event in the very near future.  Drive on!

If you want to contact me please use the form below!

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